The Warren is club with a strong connection to the Metropolitan Police Service.
We have different membership types and finding the right one can be a bit daunting and somewhat confusing.
Being a member of The Warren has many benefits, there is always the opportunity to relax and enjoy the 22 acres of land that surround the building. Other benefits include use of the members bar and the conservatory where you can spend time with friends and family.

If you would like to join our small gym you will need to apply for club membership before you apply to join the gym.

If you would like more information please call our reception and ask for details. All membership forms can be downloaded from the website.


We do not charge an annual fee for serving and retired Police Officers and Police Staff although we encourage you to complete the application form and be issued with a membership card, especially if you would like to receive information on the events that are being hosted. If you fall under this category you need to download the “Ordinary” membership application form..


If you are the spouse or partner of a serving or retired Police Officer or Police Staff you will need to apply for “Honorary” membership.  No annual fee is payable for this membership type, it does ensure you have access to all areas of The Club.


We have a special membership for anyone who is not part of the Metropolitan Police or does not have a direct family member who is a serving or retired police officer or staff.  We charge a small annual membership fee for “Associate” members.


If you are a serving or retired police officer or staff and would like to have the opportunity to vote at the AGM or an EGM and become more involved with The Club then A “Full” membership form will need to be completed.  There is a cost of £1.00 on being accepted and you will become a guarantor of the Club (but only to the maximum of their subscription of £1 or any other amount as set by the Directors).  You must submit a written application to the company secretary and consent in writing to be a guarantor.

Here is a link to the Direct Debit mandate for members

Contact us

Metropolitan Police Hayes Sports Club Ltd.,
The Warren,
Croydon Road, Hayes, Bromley BR2 7AL

Telephone: 020 8462 1266