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Finger Buffet Menu

Finger Buffets

Menu 1

Sausage Roll *

Mini Vegetarian Quiche [v]

Breaded King Prawns*

Southern Fried Chicken

Sausage wrapped in Bacon

Cherry Tomato & Mozzarella Balls Skewer [v]

Sweet Potato Curry Bites [v]

Indian Snack Selection

Hot Mini Grilled Bacon & Brie Panini *

Mini Patisserie Selection



Any of the following platters can be added to the buffet

Assorted Sandwiches (10 rounds per platter)

Cheese Selection with Crackers m(each platter will serve 10/12)

Savoury Jacket Wedges with Dips * [v] (each platter will serve 20)

Crudities & Dip [v] (each platter will serve 20)Antipasto, Olives, Cream Cheese Filled Peppers & Bread (each platter will serve 10)

Crisps & Savouries (each bowl serves 10)

Menu 2

Homemade Chicken Curry with Rice, Poppadum and Mango Chutney *

Homemade Chilli con Carne with Rice and Garlic Bread *

Breaded Scampi Tails with Chips in a Basket

Grilled Hot Bacon Baguette

Jumbo Sausage with Caramelised Onions

Fried Egg Baguette [v]

Roasted Chicken Breast with Chips in a Basket

* Vegetarian Option Available

Basket of Chips
(can accompany any of the above unless already stated)

* Please note that items marked with * can be served hot

[Hot food is NOT available on Sundays or on Mondays after 4 pm]

Gluten free items available upon request

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