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How To Choose The Right Venue For Your Conference

If you are considering hosting a conference, it can initially seem to be a huge task. Naturally you will want it to run smoothly, and it needs to be organised properly. Making the choice for the right venue is of course the key important step.

Often you will not be short of options, when looking for a suitable venue, which can make the choice a little more difficult (depending on the area you wish to run the event).

We have been running conferences in the Bromley area for many years and our team are highly experienced. We understand that your choice will naturally depend on prices, style, and of course the amenities. Here at the Warren, we also like to think our experience of hosting everything from large conferences to small business meetings means we have come across almost every eventuality and we are able to help you every step of the way.

However, here are a few top line things you should consider:


Well this is an obvious one, but planning as far in advance as possible can really help to ensure the whole event runs smoothly. It gives us all time to plan properly, and we always say an hour spent a few months before the event takes place, is worth more than double that time, when handled at the last minute!

Your main goal

A simple as this sounds, it is critical to understand what you want to achieve.  Is it a celebration of your company’s achievements? Is it to attract more attention for your business and court new business?

Is it a basic conference or are you planning a more complicated event?

Often we have smaller sub-conferences attached to a larger main event. Sometimes these are round table type events, or break out meetings, some may require refreshments.  You need to consider if your event will require many rooms to comfortably accommodate your guests and delegates. Naturally we can cope with both, and are always on hand to advise.

Do you want to make use of outside facilities?  Networking often is more relaxed in a relaxed atmosphere, and the open air (on a nice day!) can really add a little finesse to your proceedings.

Style and Attendees

The style of your conference can pay an important part of deciding where to host the event. This leads in to who will be attending? Will it be business partners? Prospective customers or clients? Or maybe the general public, or students? When considering the above, obviously the opposite ends of the spectrum can mean differences in prices as well. High profiled attendees coming in from all over the world often require a slightly different approach to a job fair for students (for example).