During these unprecedented times we are doing our very best to ensure the health and safety of our staff, our members and our guests.

We are constantly reviewing procedures in place so that you can relax in an atmosphere where you feel completely safe in the knowledge that all our staff are looking after you in a responsible manner.

To help you to make decisions about any booking you may have or wish to make in the future, below is a basic floor plan of each of our rooms showing the floor area and dimensions so that you are aware of the size of the room and can make your own judgement in relation to the social distancing guidelines issued by the government.

We have listed the maximum number of people that can be accommodated in each of the rooms. The numbers relate to Pre-Lockdown and Social Distancing times.

We appreciate that making a booking can be a huge undertaking which is why we have a team of staff who are well trained and equipped with further information and are able to help and guide you so you can make an informed decision.

If you are planning an event, whether it is business or pleasure, the information we have provided on this page will ensure you make the right decisions based upon government guidelines.

The Warren – Changes

We have been busy installing glass screens in our Conservatory, Warren Bar and Fitness Suite and have also removed many tables and chairs from inside the building to ensure you are able to relax in a safe environment, not too close to others.

Our tills have all been upgraded so that our staff do not need to handle the card processing machine.

We are very excited to announce our new “Food and Beverage Ordering APP” which will give you the option of placing an order and paying for it without the need to leave your table.

Please call us on 0208 462 1266 or fill out the Contact Us form below and one of our staff will help to guide you through the options

Function Room & Meeting Room Styles

Cabaret Style – Chairs placed behind and to the sides of a table all facing the front of the room

Classroom Style – Chairs placed behind a table all facing the front of the room

Theatre Style – No tables with Chairs in rows, facing the front of the room

Board Room Style – Chairs placed around one central table

Function Style – Either round or long tables with chairs placed around them for meetings or Banqueting Style Sit-Down Meal

Party Style – Few tables and chairs placed around the room, less seating and more standing & dancing area


Function Room & Meeting Room Sizes

Coney-Room The Warren


  • Cabaret Style – 180 Guests
  • Classroom Style – 140 Guests
  • Theatre Style – 350 Guests
  • Board Room Style – N/A
  • Function Style – 230 Guests
  • Party – 300 Guests


  • Cabaret Style – 50 Guests
  • Classroom Style – 60 Guests
  • Theatre Style – 90 Guests
  • Board Room Style – N/A
  • Function Style – 60 Guests
  • Party Style – 150 Guests


Wickhams The Warren


  • Cabaret Style – 30 Guests
  • Classroom Style – 30 Guests
  • Theatre Style – 45 Guests
  • Board Room Style – N/A
  • Function Style – 40 Guests
  • Party Style – 50 Guests


  • Cabaret Style – 20 Guests
  • Classroom Style – 24 Guests
  • Theatre Style – 25 Guests
  • Board Room Style – 20 Guests
  • Function Style – N/A
  • Party Style – N/A
Conference_Room The Warren
Committee_Room The Warren


  • Cabaret Style – N/A
  • Classroom Style – N/A
  • Theatre Style – 18 Guests
  • Board Room Style – 18 Guests
  • Function Style – N/A
  • Party Style – N/A


  • Cabaret Style – 24 Guests
  • Classroom Style – 30 Guests
  • Theatre Style – 40 Guests
  • Board Room Style – 24 Guests
  • Function Style – N/A
  • Party Style – 50 Guests
Hayes Room The Warren

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