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Having A Civil Ceremony

Civil Ceremonies

Any couple that decides to have a civil ceremony will usually fall under a particular category. Neither party is religious or even subscribe to any form of organized religion, and they do not necessarily feel uncomfortable with any sort of religious function.

Both partners will often have originated from certain and separate religious beliefs, so they end up picking a common path to help alleviate the potential problems of an interfaith union. The ideal service will be a bit more imaginative than a traditional clergy member would allow. For example, readings from cherished books or poems, put pieces in from song lyrics, add in performance art and so much more. Generally speaking, a civil ceremony is one that you may choose if you feel more comfortable saying your vows in a beautiful location or on instead of the confined space of a place of worship.

The Ceremonies

No matter whether you have a service that is common or religious, you can have a function that will be similar in structure. This will usually include a processional, introductory statements, exchanging of vows, giving of the rings, unity gestures, declarations, the couple kissing and any closing comments before the recession at the end. In a civil ceremony, there will be a lot more space so that you can really make it more of your own. This is where you can come up with unique facets of the ceremony to make it truly unique and special.

There will always be some instances where your family may not be too happy about the idea of a civil ceremony. This is when you need to talk with them about the chance for incorporating a variety of customs in order to have something for everyone, if you wish. Civil Ceremonies At The Warren

If you are looking for a beautiful place to have a civil wedding ceremony, there are great venues in and around the South London area that will not disappoint.

For members who want further information, you can download our  brochure

Top Venue For Private Functions and Parties

Is it time to set up a corporate event? What about a birthday party?

The Warren  is a one-stop option for those who want to go with a high-quality location, built with years of experience. Our team understands the nuances of hosting an event and making sure the venue is as breathtaking as it needs to be.

Take the time to analyse what this venue offers and we think you’ll quickly realise it is one of the best options available, for those who need to host an incredible and memorable event.

Types of Events

1) Birthdays
2) Anniversaries
3) Private Functions
4) Meetings
5) And More!

Actually, the list is endless for what can be hosted here for those who want something refined, sleek, and fun. This is a venue that has earned a positive reputation for being widely available, efficient, and beautiful to look at, as soon as the guests arrive.

If you are looking for an ideal location, for those who want the best and want it as soon as the venue is booked. The quality is impossible to beat!


We believe that a room  is  more than just four walls.

Which ever room you book, it is going to be packed with amenities and it is going to be able to cater exactly to your size requirements, making it breathable, fun, and convenient. Whether it is a birthday party or a corporate event, the room is going to provide valuable space.


Luxury is the name of the game when it comes to private functions.

All amenities are defined by the ability to illustrate a high level of excellence and that’s something this team is proud of.

Years of Expertise

Our team aren’t new to the world of hosting and have huge experience, having been doing this for years.

This experience is important while discussing the intricacies of an upcoming event and making sure it works out as intended. The attention to detail, professionalism, and commitment to perfection cannot be beaten.

Everything is going to match one’s needs from the moment a room is booked.

Friendly Staff

It’s important to appreciate the value of customer service and being treated with respect from day one.

This venue is built on the shoulders of professionalism and that includes how a client is treated when the call comes in. Book with The Warren and know the service is going to be exemplary. It is going to suit your needs and will be fully customised as intended. This is important when it pertains to hosting upcoming private functions and parties at a viable location.

Everything is going to be safe, fun, and meaningful when the guests arrive making it a brilliant solution.

For more information on what we can offer or how our team  can help make it a memorable event, please call!


Ideal Rooms For Private Functions And Parties

Are you planning to hold a private function or party in the near future?

Perhaps a special event is coming up in your family that needs to be celebrated! Having something to celebrate in life is a magical thing and spending time with family and friends in beautiful surroundings as you mark a certain occasion gives an experience that is well worth all of the planning and effort.

When it comes to private functions and parties we understand just how special you want it to be. We know that you need to figure out things like guest lists, themes, and entertainment. But why not allow us at The Warren, to take responsibility for providing you with a room and facilities that are truly spectacular!

What should you expect from an event location? Let’s put the actual function rooms into the spotlight first. By making the right choice of location you will be able to enjoy rooms that are an ideal size for the number of guests you plan to invite, are beautifully decorated and offer an excellent taste in lighting. As soon as your guests enter the party they should immediately feel wowed by the impressive feel and inviting atmosphere that the room boasts.

Providing the ideal rooms for private functions and parties is one very important factor, however, it’s not just the room, but also the facilities. You should expect all facilities offered to be of a high level of service and tailored to suit the needs of private functions. In addition, the staff should be willing to cater to your wishes when at all possible so that your private function really can be remembered for all the right reasons.

Are you excited about planning a private function in the type of location we have described? We sure hope you are! That being said, we know that even when we provide you with a wonderful room and facilities for your party, you can still feel a little stressed out about all the things you need to plan. Allow us to give you a few tips to bring those stress levels down and the put the excitement levels up.

Plan Your Guest List In Advance

Do not leave it until the last minute to invite your guests! People have busy lives and the last thing you want is for the guests who you really want to be there to already have plans. Sit down well in advance, write out your guest list and then get the invites out.

Think Carefully About Age Groups

Of course, you will likely have some form of entertainment at your private function. Before booking the first choice you see, think about the ages that will be at the party. You may need to book two entertainment choices so that everyone will enjoy the event.

Indeed, planning a private function or party takes a lot of time and effort, however, by booking one of our rooms and facilities, we hope that we can give you a helping hand in planning an amazing event!

Feel free to call us for more information!

The Warren Newsletter 7

The Warren News Letter 7


Hi All

Christmas is on its way and welcome to our 7th newsletter in this current series and I hope you have enjoyed and found the previous Newsletters interesting and informative. There are a few things that we at The Warren would like to bring you all up to speed with and also let you know what is going on here at The Warren.



I mentioned in the last Newsletter that we were on course to make a profit in the year’s accounts 2015 – 2016 and as predicted, we made just over £20,000.00 which is a massive turnaround from the previous year’s loss. I would like to say thank you to all of our staff at The Warren for their hard work in making the year a successful one.

I hope that it is appreciated that we are still in difficult times with the Brexit vote and the uncertainty of the future of the country, but we remain positive that we can maintain the success of the last financial year and carry it forward to next year as well. It does sound a bit dramatic to mention things like the Brexit vote, but it does affect how people spend their money.

I also mentioned in out last newsletter that we were trying to negotiate with MOPAC regarding our rent and length of our lease, but there has been no real progress made to date.  I will keep you posted if there is any news good or bad.


Bromley Town Academy

The Bromley Town Academy is now up and running; there are around 60 youths involved in the scheme using the new class room space at the top of The Warren building and the fields. I must say I have been impressed with the effort that has been put in by the teaching and coaching staff at the academy. The students involved have been set a strict code of practise which they must adhere to on and off the premises. They are all issued with training kits that clearly identify they are part of the academy and on every occasion I have had to interact with them I have found them all to be polite and courteous.

It is also a pleasure to see the field now being used on a regular basis and providing an income for The Warren.  With the decline in Police sport over the years it is good to see the field being used again and there have also been some great games of football.



As always the Warren would like to make it clear that the pitches are still available for Police teams to use and they will be accommodated whenever possible.



As you can see the new disabled spaces are now in place at the front of the main building and by using the old disabled places for parking we have not lost many spaces.

We are also looking to provide further parking in front of the old stables. These spaces will be for Police Vehicles only. We have found that when we have big events the car park gets full then our on duty Police Officers have nowhere to park and are unable to have breakfast. We at The Warren feel that by providing these parking spaces we are supporting our colleagues to have the peace of mind to know that irrespective of what is on at The Warren they can enjoy their breakfast.

The ongoing paint programme is still in progress although we have had a change in personnel.  Mick is now undertaking the role so if you do see him around stop for a chat and say hello.  The last job was the sign by the main car park entrance and he did a great job with the gold coloured lettering which now looks fantastic.

We have also brought into the Members Bar Warren logo knife and folk sleeves. These are handy little things that let us put a knife and folk along with a serviette into the sleeve and hand them out for food orders in the Warren bar so keep your eyes open the next time you are ordering food in the bar.

We now have Chrome cast installed in our projectors so this makes life a lot easier when trying to link to the system particularly when you are using Apple Mac lap tops and Ipads.


Sports Injury Clinic

This is more good news for Club members; the old first aid room has now been re decorated and turned into a sports injury clinic called Jon W Sports Injury. I have used Jon and his partner Sean in the past and they are excellent and very good value. All the details are on the web site and on posters around the building or Jon’s web site which is  If you go to The Warren web site click on Members, then click on Members News – you will see a reference for the sports injury clinic, click on that and the poster with all the information will come up. On production of membership of your Warrant Card, Police Civilian Identity card or Warren membership card you will receive a discount which works out as £20 for a 30 minute session which is excellent value.

Lastly just in case you were worried the First Aid room will still be available for our use at big events such as the family fun day and firework night, the only difference being is that it is a brighter and cleaner room.



Breakfast at the Warren is doing really well with officers on duty now regularly using the Conservatory Monday and Friday between 8.30 am and 11 am. It is a pleasure to see the Conservatory full of officers using their club and the feedback on the quality of the food is really good.

We would like to announce that as from Saturday 19th November 2016 we will be doing breakfast on Saturday’s as well, that’s full English in the conservatory from 8.30 am to 11am.

There is still a 10% discount to all On Duty officers having a full English breakfast here at The Warren, so please spread the news to your colleagues that we are open for you even on Saturday’s!!!



It is sad that I have to mention this but it has become an ongoing problem that a minority of children visiting The Warren are not being supervised.

The main areas of concern are children using the play room not being accompanied by an adult and children over the age of 7 using the room.  The playroom is designed to be used by small children and is very popular with mums and toddlers.  Older children are robust with the equipment and this causes damage to the soft play items which is expensive to repair and results in the room being closed. So please if your children are going to use the room, please make sure that they are accompanied by an adult and they are under the age of 7.

The other areas of worry are children running around the Members Bar and also running around at Sunday lunch in the Coney.  The latter has resulted in a number of complaints from other guests who are having Sunday lunch in the room.  We politely ask that if you have children attending Sunday lunch in the Coney that they remain seated.  Waitresses are carrying hot food and we have had instances where children running around have caused items to be dropped.  Luckily no one was hurt but I have to remind everyone with children that the Coney is a restaurant at Sunday lunch times so please could you ask your children to remain seated throughout.  We appreciate your co-operation on this issue.



The Bowls Club members have now moved on to the winter quarters and indoor bowling is hopefully helping them all to keep fit and active. The season of 2016 was a reasonably successful one for the Club with good results in the competitions. The Private Clubs League saw them finish in third spot giving some room for improvement next year. The afternoon triples (LX League) was hotly contested until the last game of the season when points gained at Blackheath & Greenwich were enough to win the league for the first time. They were also runners up in the League KO Cup.  The evening triples league, the NWK League,



brought more success with a second spot finish out of 64 teams. Again they were runners up in the League KO Cup. They also had a team who had a good year playing in Division 4.


The 2016 season also saw the Club hosting a County Clubs Final competition for the first time in 76 years. The day was a great success and the County Vice President and other officials were so impressed with our facilities and hospitality, including an excellent Sunday lunch in the Coney Suite, they have asked if we could arrange a fixture for 2017 and I am glad to say that the Kent President will be bringing his team to The Warren in August.


Another new fixture will be a visit by a team representing the Mayor of Bromley.


The new women’s bowls section is now thriving and we have over 20 members. The section was only started this season and it is great to see it being supported and doing so well. The ladies have been training hard and as from next season they will be entering their own league and competitions, so we wish them all the very best of luck !!


On the non-bowling front the Bowls Club are pleased to report that their fund raising side continues to show that they are a good club in more than bowls. So far they have had three major fund raising events with the last two of them held in support of St Christopher’s Hospice. To date they have raised over £10,000 and will be continuing their efforts with the next event.


Friday 7 April 2017 will see another Charity Race Night at The Warren, so if you have not been to any of their previous functions please put this date in your diary. They promise that you will have a great evening. Further details are available on the notice board in the entrance to The Warren.


Finally a plea to any Warren members who are looking for a way to spend their leisure time.  Why not come along and give bowls a try and help the Bowls Club maintain the long standing sporting traditions at The Warren? More details are available via a link on The Warren website, or from our Secretary, Tim Hodges who can be contacted on e-mail at thodges285@btinternetcom.




I have attached a copy of the forthcoming events, but one I should mention is An Evening with Tony Long on Thursday 26th January 2017 at 7pm in the Hayes room.

As you may be aware Tony stood trial for murder whilst serving as an SO19 firearms officer and was rightly acquitted. He subsequently wrote a book about his exploits and was the subject of a very interesting TV documentary. Tony will be here to talk, answer questions and his book will be available as well, so I feel this will be a very interesting evening.


What does The Warren need from our members?   



I have put this last paragraph in all of our newsletters because we here at The Warren feel that it is extremely important that our members understand that all we need folks is your support to keep your club financially sound and solvent and to help us maintain The Warren as a private members club for the exclusive use of serving and retired Police Officers and Staff.

We are trying very hard to drive out the message that we are here and what we have to offer and in this day and age that means using social media.  Your e-mail addresses are vital to The Warren so we can let YOU know what is happening and what events are planned for you.  So please if you are at The Warren then pass on those details; there are cards behind the bars to record your e-mail addresses and then pass them on to us.

Also if you are here and having a great time then please let other members know by posting on Facebook, Twitter, etc., every little helps!!!

Lastly thank you for reading this newsletter and I hope that you have found the contents informative and if you do have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do not forget to check out The Warren website – it has all the information that you require.

This is your Club please use it and pass on the message.




M Purser

Martin Purser

General Manager