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The Big Breakfast £7.25

1 Cumberland Sausage*
2 Rashers Bacon
Free Range Egg
Hash Brown
Plum Tomatoes
Grilled Mushrooms
Baked Beans
2 Slices of Toast
Tea or Filter Coffee

The Small Breakfast £5.55

1 Cumberland Sausage*
1 Rashers Bacon
Free Range Egg
Hash Brown
Choice of either: Plum Tomatoes, Grilled Mushroom, Baked Beans
2 Slices of Toast
Tea or Filter Coffee

Eggs On Toast £3.90

Scrambled, poached or fried eggs on white or wholemeal toast

Beans On Toast £3.35

 on white or wholemeal toast

Sandwiches £3.90

Sausage or bacon sandwich with white or wholemeal bread

Baguettes £4.45

Sausage or Bacon in a White or Wholemeal Baguette

Toast £1.70

2 slices of White or Wholemeal with Butter, Jam or Honey

Porridge £2.25

Served with jam or honey 

Additional items

Sausage or Bacon £1.15
Egg, Hash brown, Mushroom, Plum Tomatoes, Baked Beans £0.55


Tea £1.40


Regular £1.80
Large £2.00

Cappucino, Latte, Mocha

Regular £2.10
Large £2.30

Espresso £1.50
Hot Chocolate

Regular £1.80
Large £2.00

Bottled Water £1.00
Bottled Drinks £2.00
Yazoo Milkshakes £1.80
Juice Cartons £0.80

* Vegeterian / Vegan Sausages available

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