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Having A Civil Ceremony

Civil Ceremonies

Any couple that decides to have a civil ceremony will usually fall under a particular category. Neither party is religious or even subscribe to any form of organized religion, and they do not necessarily feel uncomfortable with any sort of religious function.

Both partners will often have originated from certain and separate religious beliefs, so they end up picking a common path to help alleviate the potential problems of an interfaith union. The ideal service will be a bit more imaginative than a traditional clergy member would allow. For example, readings from cherished books or poems, put pieces in from song lyrics, add in performance art and so much more. Generally speaking, a civil ceremony is one that you may choose if you feel more comfortable saying your vows in a beautiful location or on instead of the confined space of a place of worship.

The Ceremonies

No matter whether you have a service that is common or religious, you can have a function that will be similar in structure. This will usually include a processional, introductory statements, exchanging of vows, giving of the rings, unity gestures, declarations, the couple kissing and any closing comments before the recession at the end. In a civil ceremony, there will be a lot more space so that you can really make it more of your own. This is where you can come up with unique facets of the ceremony to make it truly unique and special.

There will always be some instances where your family may not be too happy about the idea of a civil ceremony. This is when you need to talk with them about the chance for incorporating a variety of customs in order to have something for everyone, if you wish. Civil Ceremonies At The Warren

If you are looking for a beautiful place to have a civil wedding ceremony, there are great venues in and around the South London area that will not disappoint.

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7 Things To Consider When Choosing Corporate Meeting Rooms For Hire


Whether you are a small business looking for a convenient and formal space to conduct interviews for new employees, a freelancer or consultant in search of a meeting room where you can meet prospective clients, or a company looking for a facility that can host your next training workshop or strategy meetings – hiring corporate meeting rooms can provide an excellent solution for all types of situations. So, if you are searching for a convenient and flexible venue where you can have your serious meetings and discussions, here are 7 things you should consider when making your final decision on a meetings facility.


Where is the facility? Location is among the key things you need to consider when choosing a venue that meets your requirements and is perfect for you. The location of the facility needs to be just right in order for your planned activities to be successful. Is it easy to find? Is easily accessible using public transport? Is there ample parking for you and your corporate visitors? All these questions have to be answered before settling on a specific venue.


Basically, how affordable is it? The cost of hiring corporate meeting rooms should be in line with your budget. The best facilities will allow you to pay for each meeting room by the hour. On top of this, they will offer reduced rates for hiring half-day, full-day and for an entire week. In essence, booking longer slots will enable you to save more money while adding more time for you to do your business.


Booking corporate meetings for hire should be easy, fast and convenient. Companies, businesses and professionals should not have to waste any of their precious time by having to physically visit a venue to make a booking. Nowadays, you can book for meetings rooms and spaces online, making it meetups easier and more convenient than ever before.


Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to eat and drink after several hours of tedious work? Business people need fuel to keep them going throughout the day. Food and drinks, especially coffee, are a must in any corporate setting. Because of this, a good meetings venue should provide these crucial amenities at affordable rates.

Internet Access (Connectivity)

This may seem like an obvious feature offered by corporate meeting facilities but it is very important to ensure that your booking includes free access to WiFi and that the internet connection is working properly. You do not want to find yourself refreshing your browser during an important presentation because of a poor internet connection.

Audio-Visual Equipment

Audio-visual equipment is often needed in many corporate meetings and presentations. If you are going to need screens and speakers for your meeting, it is important that you establish whether this equipment is available and is in good working condition.


Last but not least is security. Security is paramount in any setting where many people gather together. People need to feel safe when conducting their business. They also need to know that there belongings such as laptops, documents, cars and many others are safe at all times. It is therefore important to ensure that the facility you choose has adequate security measures in place.

Tips For Networking At A Corporate Event


Corporate events are a great place to increase your network. If you have never been to one of these events before keep an eye out, we often host networking events or business fayres. There is no need to be nervous and unsure about how to network effectively. There are a number of tips that you can use to ensure that you network like a pro.

Networking EventBe Prepared

Before you attend the corporate event, you need to do some homework to ensure that you are not going in blind. You should research all of the event attendees so you have an idea of who is going to be there. This will also help you determine who your target connections are. Not all attendees will be people you want to network with and this is very important.

While you are preparing, you should think about some icebreaker questions that will help to strike up a conversation. This will also help you avoid diving right into your own agenda. You also need to set some goals for your networking and the interactions with your target connections.

Create Your Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is one that piques the interest of your target connection while informing them about you and your business. It is important that you work out your pitch before you arrive at the event. When doing this, you need to keep in mind that the people you talk to will not know about you or your business.

This does not mean that you should have a long pitch that tells the person your whole history. You need to keep it short and to the point, while still sounding conversational. In the pitch, you should think about the problems that your business is solving and how this is helpful to the target connection. This is where the research you have done on the attendees will come in handy.

Build Rapport

Research can only go so far and you still need to be able to establish rapport with the target connection. If you are unable to do this, you will have not made an impact and your networking will fall flat. To start building rapport, you need to ensure that your icebreakers make sense to the target connection.

You also need to allow the other person to do a lot of the talking. If you spend all the time talking about you and your business, you are not building rapport. You also need to pay attention to body language as you are talking. Keep your body language open and show that you are still interested in the conversation.

The key to networking is to pique the target connections interest with your elevator pitch and make a positive impression. People who build rapport with others will generally leave a better impression than those that do not. Of course, as part of your rapport, you will need to get some information from the connection so you can keep in touch and create a long-term relationship.

Networking is vital for many business people, but doing this at a corporate event can be daunting. These tips will help you plan for the event and ensure that your networking has a better chance of success.

It’s Time To Get Training


It’s difficult to get your company to the very top of your industry. It’s even more difficult to keep it there.

Ensuring that your staff are motivated, skilled, informed and up-to-date, is an essential element of managing your personnel, keeping in line with required business practices, and most of all doing what is best for your staff, their motivation and their well being.

What Can Our Corporate Training Facilities Provide?  corporate meetings


A corporate training facility like ours can provide your company with the facility for much needed seminars. These seminars will promote team building, the right marketing, and provide your company with the key to making things run a little more efficiently. Best of all, seminars should be led by experts who know how to make a difference to your organisation.


Training is often needed as start ups tend to hire kids fresh out of university. These people may have never had an internship. The right training can give them the skills they need to work in an efficient and productive manner.

-Team Building

Team building is important as companies need to be able to work as a well oiled machine. If one element of the business doesn’t function properly the whole enterprise could be crippled and unable to operate.

-Trade Exhibitions

To know how to work well as a company yours needs to see how other companies function. They have already started up and are producing a nice profit. Trade exhibitions give your team the opportunity to see how these companies are doing and what their secrets are, keep an eye out for events at The Warren.

How Important Is It To Train Your Staff?

Staff that don’t know how what they are supposed to be doing, can really slow a company down. A lot of start ups fail because their staff are not trained properly. Be willing to invest in training that could take or keep your company at the top of your game. It isn’t that expensive and the method has produced fortune 500 companies all across the world.

Why Coaches Need To Wrap Their Minds Around Marketing


If you’re a coach that teaches others, not only do you need to find the perfect venue for coaching or training clients, you need inform potential clients about your services in general, and you will have to work on marketing your services.

Online marketing is a very cost-effective way to reach out to potential customers. When you think about the fact that millions of people are online at any given time, being able to advertise to them for a low price makes it seem too good to be true.

Winning over the minds of those you wish to coach is a necessity when you are trying to do this line of work for a living. Through marketing, this is achievable if you are willing to create a campaign that garners interest for all the right reasons. You can use humor and teach people something fun about your coaching. You can also share free knowledge that can help people so they will be interested in taking their time to look further into your coaching methods. Marketing can be a creative platform where you learn more about your potential customers.

People turn to the Internet to learn about all aspects of their lives, and that is why you should spend time marketing to people that are using the power of the Internet to connect with people. You don’t have to be an expert on computers to make online marketing work for you. If you’re a coach, you probably already know how to write good content to share with others. You can use that skill to come up with email marketing messages that teach people what you offer and you can include deals for them to take advantage of.

The ability to show off your coaching successes can be done through marketing. When you share your company online, you are reaching out to people all around the world that could lead to you achieving more than ever.

.Go online and search for people in your field that you know of and see what they have posted on the Internet. They probably are on social media, forums, and other places online that get them exposure. The more you are able to work your marketing into different types of online marketing like email or social media, the more you are able to reach out to people that should be more likely to do business with you.

Anyone that does coaching will want to make sure they learn about marketing. It not only will increase how many people are interested in what you have to offer, it can lead to you only working with those that are interested in your services. Working on marketing yourself or hiring help are the best ways to get started.