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A Conference Venue From A Different Angle

They say it is sometimes good to look at things from a different angle..

Whether it be your personal life, business or anything between the two.. taking stock of what you have and looking at it from a different perspective often provides solutions to issues or problems that you would never otherwise have found!

Now we’re not suggesting you’ve got any burning issues, but you might be thinking about where you want to run your next conference, or maybe you’re looking to host a meeting for some really important clients, and ‘meeting room 3’ on the fourth floor, just doesn’t cut it! Well perhaps you should look at it from a different angle?

What about hiring a meeting room? What about arranging the best conference your company has ever seen?

We have put together a few shots of The Warren, and we’ve also taken things from a different angle… Of course there is always the normal views as well, and you can view both  here..

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